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Updated April 16, 2014

Walmart to Cut Lighting Energy 40 Percent with New GE LED Fixtures.

Hanwha Q CELLS Completes First Solar Farm on a US Superfund Site.

OpenHydro and Alderney Renewable Energy to Develop Major European Tidal Array.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Ten Companies Chosen As 2014 New Energy Pioneers

PSEG:100 MW of Solar Generation Coming to Long Island, New York.

Scatec Solar Secures Final Approvals to Build 80MW Utah Solar Park.

International Energy Agency Publishes “Snapshot of Global PV in 1992-2013” Report.

PetersenDean Roofing and Solar Announces Company Expansion.

Swinerton to Build 40 MW AC California Projects for Duke Energy Renewables.

Largest PACE Program in the United States to Launch.

Lockheed Martin to Optimize Atlantis Resources' Tidal Turbine.

Sea-Tac Airport Builds Fleet of Electric Ground Service Vehicles to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

ViZn Energy Systems Announces Zinc/Iron Flow Battery Installation at Flathead Electric Cooperative

NovoFuel Highlights 23% Lower Lifecycle Cost for Backup Power Applications with Hydrogen Generation with Aluminum Technology.

Eos Energy Storage Receives $1 Million Award from New York State to Support Pilot Manufacturing of Zinc Hybrid Cathode Battery Technology.

Climate Nexus: New Study Finds Climate Sensitivity, Future Warming Likely to be High.

Solvay Launches Production of Torrefied Biomass as Renewable Coal Replacement.

BYD: City of Dalian, China Places Order for 1,200 BYD Electric Buses.

SunEdison and Partners Announce Financing for 13.4 MW Solar Electricity Portfolio.

UPM and Metropolia Present: The Biofore Concept Car Drives Sustainable Change Through Biomaterials.

Honda R&D Installs Fast-Fill Hydrogen Refueling Station in California.

Berkeley and Argonne National Labs Develop Highly Promising New Class of Nanocatalyst for Next-Generation Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers.

Rocky Mountain Institute, HOMER Energy and CohnReznick Think Energy: Widespread Customer Defection from the Electric Grid by 2025.

Kingspan Designs/Builds Solar Thermal System for Syracuse University.

El Paso Electric and juwi ro Build Solar Power Station in El Paso, Texas.

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Fossil Fuel Industry's Tired Battle Against Clean Energy Is Also A Losing One. The majority of Americans support renewable energy. The majority of the energy industry does not.

Don't Stop Looking for New Green Tech. New way to generate electricity gives hope that better, cheaper clean energy technologies are on the way.

Stifle Putin by Squeezing His Economy. Exporting US natural gas to Europe could help stop Russian aggression.

Transitioning to a Clean Energy Future Will Require Lots of Private Capital, but How Do We Get There? Transitioning to a low-carbon economy costs money (and lots of it)

Deep Energy Retrofits on Older Homes Needed to Cut Emissions. Think gut renovations to bring decades-old homes up to snuff.

Tesla's Gigafactory: Technology Flexible or Obsolete on Opening Day? Battery technology is changing. The new plant needs to be prepared.

Slow Progress in Mainstream Electric Vehicles. In price and range per charge, there's been little change in 15 years. Why?

Can a Charger "Electrify" Electric Car Sales? More 240-Volt outlets - home and public - might be the ticket to speed up EV adoption.

Question. What Happens to Jet Exhaust? Does it cause climate problems? We need to know.

Armchair Review: Ford's Greener Aluminum Pickup. Better fuel economy and a smaller carbon footprint.

The Most Important Climate Change Question: How Will Investors React? How will investors and businesses respond to limitations on emissions or business loss to a warming planet?

Armchair Review: Ford's Solar C-MAX Energi Concept. Will they build it? There'd be backlash from you know who.

80% Electricity from Renewables? It’s Possible, but Policy Prevents It. Our antiquated power grid needs modernization to meet the specific demands of renewables.

Hybrid Systems – The Next Step in Power Generation. Renewable/conventional power, like wind/diesel, is well suited for remote locations.

What's Your MPG? Fuel economy is up in the US. Great! offers real world mpg.

The Little Clock That Could Power the World. Basic, mechanically rechargeable batteries could provide clean electricity forever.

Hydrogen or LIthium? Fuel Cells or Batteries? Which will be in our vehicular future?

Facebook to Buy Wind Energy For New Data Center. The social media giant plans 25 percent green energy for data centers by 2015.

Acid Oceans:Stronger Storms. Excess CO2 is making the planet's oceans more acidic. Will this add energy to ocean storms?.

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What's new inside? GE and Aramco Entrepreneurship launch renewable energy for desalination challenge.

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AEG now offers wireless battery monitoring system for conventional batteries in grid energy storage


Scaled-up, could this provide power to the grid?


300 MW tidal current power plant to be developed in UK waters.