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Updated October 29, 2014

Hydrogen Fueling Competition Now Underway. The Prize: $1 Million.

Feasibly, Solar Could Charge Rental EV's: Hertz Completes Two Solar Systems, Two More Soon.

Nine Companies Partner with New York State's NYSERDA to Promote Energy Storage Innovation.

Renewables are Over 40% of New Generating Capacity in the U.S. for the First 3/4 of the Year, According to the SUN DAY Campaign.

Soaking-Up CO2 from Power Plants: HECLOT from Taiwan Captures up to 90 Percent of Emissions.

What's Up With Solar in YOUR State? Solar Power Rocks Releases U.S. State-by-State Solar Power Rankings Report.

It's a Bus! The World's Largest Electric Vehicle is Born.

Large Drop in US Vehicle Fuel Economy in September, Reports University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute.

Solar Schools Challenge Brings Solar Education in Through Contest to North Carolina School District.

Changing Cement Formula for Concrete Could Reduce Related CO2 Emissions Up to 60 Precent, Whilst Making a Better, Stronger Material, Says MIT Research.

The Empire State Seeds Funding for More Than 214 MW of Solar Power.

Powered by Poo and Garbage Too. Calif. Wastewater Treatment Plant to be Off Grid by 2015.

For the Love of Solar: Conergy to Build Heart-Shaped Solar Plant

Oakfield Wind Project Gets Underway in Maine.

Hot Roofs California: Berkeley Labs Launches Interactive Map of Rooftop Reflectance for Five Golden State Cities - Far More Hot than Not.

Siemens Develops Solutions for Internet of Energy for Electric Vehicles

Saft to Deliver Third Li-ion Energy Storage System for California Utility to Integrate Renewable Energy

Berkeley Lab: Solar Price Declines While Local Regulatory Processes Can Impact System Prices.

Technische Universität München (TUM) Study: Trees Continue to Grow at a Faster Rate.

Duke Energy Commits $500 Million to North Carolina Solar Power.

Kearsarge Energy Completes Construction of 15.4 MW Massachusetts Solar Project Portfolio

Kyocera and Partners to Build Floating Solar Power Plants in Japan, Including the World's Largest.

MIT Study Investigates Power Generation from the Meeting of River Water and Seawater.

U.S. Dept. of Energy: Reports Highlight Strength of U.S. Wind Energy Industry.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Tidal Stream And Wave Power – A Lot Still To Prove

Nexamp and NuGen Complete 2.4 MW Solar Array at Massachusetts Farm

Paniolo Power Company to Issue a Pumped-Storage Hydro RFQ for Hawaii

Siemens to Provide Turbines to the Largest Near Shore Wind Farm in The Netherlands

Shin-Etsu Chemical to Begin Licensing of Its 21% Conversion Efficiency Solar Cell Manufacturing Technology

Suniva Announces U.S. Solar Module Manufacturing Expansion

QUANT Flow-cell Electric Sports Car on the Road in Germany.

Analysis Group: Energy Study Finds States Are Prepared to Limit Carbon Pollution from Power Plants

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Small Steps in Fuel Efficiency Lead to Great Leaps. Car companies are now exceeding Corporate Average Fuel Economy expectations, and will continue to do so.

Once Again, Cheap Oil Threatens Electric Car Sales. To compete with gasoline, electric vehicles need better batteries: Magnesium-ion could trump lithium-ion.

How My Neighbor Larry Captures and Sequesters Carbon Dioxide. Plant waste collected and made into something can take CO2 from the air.

Are Battery Electric Cars Failing? Car makers need to scramble to build better cars.

Aluminum Fuel Goes the Distance. Can go head-to-head with oil.

Solar Aluminum Fuel 24/7. Solar power at aluminum facility in Australia could be the first step towards a clean solar aluminum fuel.

Use Renewable Energy to Make Fuel, Not Electricity. A clean fuel made using the energy from wind, solar or other renewable would give the planet a forever fuel.

Demand Response: People, not New Power Plants, are Driving the Clean Energy Future. To take full advantage of low-carbon, renewable energy sources, we need a power grid with enough flexibility to harness clean energy when it is available and abundant.

Fossil Fuel Industry's Tired Battle Against Clean Energy Is Also A Losing One. The majority of Americans support renewable energy. The majority of the energy industry does not.

Don't Stop Looking for New Green Tech. New way to generate electricity gives hope that better, cheaper clean energy technologies are on the way.

Stifle Putin by Squeezing His Economy. Exporting US natural gas to Europe could help stop Russian aggression.

Transitioning to a Clean Energy Future Will Require Lots of Private Capital, but How Do We Get There? Transitioning to a low-carbon economy costs money (and lots of it)

Deep Energy Retrofits on Older Homes Needed to Cut Emissions. Think gut renovations to bring decades-old homes up to snuff.

Tesla's Gigafactory: Technology Flexible or Obsolete on Opening Day? Battery technology is changing. The new plant needs to be prepared.

Slow Progress in Mainstream Electric Vehicles. In price and range per charge, there's been little change in 15 years. Why?

Can a Charger "Electrify" Electric Car Sales? More 240-Volt outlets - home and public - might be the ticket to speed up EV adoption.

Question. What Happens to Jet Exhaust? Does it cause climate problems? We need to know.

Armchair Review: Ford's Greener Aluminum Pickup. Better fuel economy and a smaller carbon footprint.

The Most Important Climate Change Question: How Will Investors React? How will investors and businesses respond to limitations on emissions or business loss to a warming planet?

Armchair Review: Ford's Solar C-MAX Energi Concept. Will they build it? There'd be backlash from you know who.

80% Electricity from Renewables? It’s Possible, but Policy Prevents It. Our antiquated power grid needs modernization to meet the specific demands of renewables.

Hybrid Systems – The Next Step in Power Generation. Renewable/conventional power, like wind/diesel, is well suited for remote locations.

What's Your MPG? Fuel economy is up in the US. Great! offers real world mpg.

More News Stories and Commentary

What's new inside? --- SMUD seeks developers for biomass CHP project in California. U.S. Forest Service is seeking proposals to expand wood energy and wood products markets

Mercedes-Benz might have a winner in the very small market for electric cars.


A game-changer for zero emission electric drive?
A flow-cell, not batteries.
Now road-registered in the EU.


It's not just CO2 that's accelerating tree growth rate, it's warmer temperatures and a longer growing season.


It may not seem very efficient, but it could be worse.
Car makers are introducing new mini-crossovers that use less gas than their larger siblings.
This is an upcoming Jeep Renegade.